I’ve been loving WordPress for over 6 years. I translated multiple plugins for wordpress and hosted hundreds of websites in my servers. I am not a developer but WordPress allows me to build amazing websites. I just fucking love it!


Red Network gives trusted hand for start ups to solve their infrastructure related challenges. It’s my own business and powers up underlying server infrastructure for my blog. Just like many other high traffic websites.

Apache is my first pick when it comes to web server. It is an open source software and it serves my website.


If you ask my favorite linux distro… I would definitely say Ubuntu/Debian but is proudly powered by CentOS. It’s free, community supported, rock-solid Linux based operating system.


When I need to pick a template, I go for themeforest. They’ve got fucking awesome designs available for $40 – $70 price range. Wordpress and newbie friendly.

wordpress themeforest


And many others…